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描述:  With the current situation, online learning is the talk of the town. With evolving technology, it seems impossible to argue that it is impossible to teach any given topic in the online format. However, some content areas still remain more challenging than others. Where a literature course may easily lend itself to the text-based interactions on a discussion forum, and computer programming may easily be demonstrated through screencasts, Math, in all of its forms, continues to feel elusive for many online instructors and students alike.

Teaching math online has always presented its challenges. Instructors struggle to show students how to perform various calculations, and students struggle with grasping concepts that can seem abstract from a distance. The math teachers in LWS are trying their best to help students learn the math concepts online just how they do in the traditional classes.

Here are some excerpts from the teachers:

Hans Coburn – Alegbra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and AP Calculus


“During this time of teaching online, I have primarily used three online platforms: Edmodo for sharing documents, assignments, and student communication, Zoom for video conference class sessions, and Gradelink for uploading attendance and grades.


In the class sessions, I implement the use of lesson notes (in a word document) that I have all the practice problems that we work through during the lesson. (This document is made available after class for students to review our class work.) I also use a program called GeoGabra to graph equations during the lesson that students can get a visual component to our lesson. Another program I use is TI Connect CE so that students can see the screen of my graphing calculator.”


Preeti Ghosh – Pre-Calculus, Statistics, AP Statistics



“The online classes are being held through zoom session, where I share my computer screen to teach the students. The students have been very obedient in following the new class rules and they keep their microphone on mute during the lecture and raises hand (a function in zoom) to ask doubts, questions, etc. after which they can unmute to present their queries. For classes like pre-calculus, I keep two worksheets (one solved and other one unsolved) through which I ask the students to solve questions and then discuss the solutions from the solved one. For classes like statistics, I use PPT to teach probability, and different kinds of graph which becomes easy to understand when one can visualize the same. The Edmodo is used for all pre class and post class works like assigning homework, grading, sharing class notes, etc. Gradelink has been working just like usual where students’ attendance and grades can be tracked. The students have been very supportive of the new experience of online class and I hope that we can support each other during this difficult time and come out with flying colors.”

Some pictures from the students during the online lessons in LWS:





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