LWS English Week

 For those of you who want to practice oral English and earn pocket money, here's your chance! Next week (9.17-21), LWS's English week will begin.

This English week is for all students in grades 10-12. Each student can give a speech to any teacher from Monday to Friday according to the given 20 speech topics, and the teacher will immediately grade the speech. The full mark of each speech is 5.



Add up the accumulated 20 speech scores, that is, the total speech score. Different amounts of bonuses can be obtained according to different scores. The prize money is fed into a meal card for students to spend inside the school.

For details of the competition rules, please read below:

You will share your stories with teachers based on the topics. You must speak to teachers IN ENGLISH for at least 90 seconds.


1. First 15 students whose total score is between 90-94: 100 RMB

2. First 10 students whose total score is between 95-99: 200 RMB

3. First 5 students whose total score is 100: 400 RMB




     After seeing the rules of the game, I wonder if you’re excited?

In fact, in addition to practicing spoken English and earning pocket money

English speaking can also exercise critical thinking and innovative thinking

We believe you will not miss this opportunity




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